From Start to Finish

This is how we create your rental exhibit.

Building effective and creative Las Vegas trade show display rentals.

Building an effective and creative Las Vegas trade show display rental is a process that utilizes all of our capabilities. It requires multiple steps that allows us to create a trade show display in the essence of your brand and company image.  We do this while keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is an exhibit that will help to increase company visibility, sales leads and ultimately build your business.

This process begins with you, our customer. This means getting in tune with your brand by learning as much as possible about your business, your products and your specific requirements. By developing a complete understanding of your business, we can better utilize our creative talents to build a trade show display that is more than just superficially eye-catching and functional. Instead, it will be an exhibit that represents your brand’s “look and feel” fully presenting your company in the best way possible.

Designing and building your custom Las Vegas rental trade show booth.

Designing and building your custom Las Vegas rental trade show booth can be one of the largest single trade show expenditures your company will incur. To realize the greatest return on this investment, the booth must be attractive to attendees and booth staff, flexible enough to support multiple marketing campaigns if required, and cost-effective to use in terms of both rental price and recurring costs such as shipping.

We hope that by following this process you will be able to consider the many factors that go into developing a high-impact exhibit that moves your marketing goals forward. Professional assistance can simplify this process. Please visit our exhibit design page at page link here and request design ideas and an estimate for your next exhibit!

Developing the concept for your Las Vegas trade show rental design display.

By working with you to determine what you need to accomplish, we are able to develop a concept for your Las Vegas trade show rental design display that is not just strategic and goal focused, but also functional and creative. We produce detailed 3D full color CAD renderings that allow you to see exactly what the display will look like, and collaborate closely to ensure that every aspect of the trade show display we create, works into your vision, your specifications, your budget and your strategy.

The discovery phase involves identifying and communicating your purpose, goals and objectives, expectations, timelines, and budget, along with milestones and deliverables.

Take a look at your past exhibit designs and determine what worked well and what did not. Go on the internet and research the display designs of your competitors. If you took pictures at your last event, review what others did with their exhibits and identify what you liked and did not like.

Flesh out how you will use the booth for the show and your desired results in order to determine the basic structure, functionality and features required in the design. These elements will have a direct impact on costs and timelines, and will provide the foundation for your budget and the design estimate.

Once the project is properly defined, the design step begins. Based on your preferences for the look, function, and budget for your exhibit, the design team develops a concept for the exhibit design. That concept is rendered with different views of how your display will look in your specific trade show space. You then can make any changes you like the best and provide feedback on any other desired additions. You are essential to the creative process, as the exhibit designers can explore whatever direction you want. Once you are comfortable with the basic design concept, we revise it based on any suggestions you have and then provide a final rendering for approval.

Once the design is complete, we develop a proposal with all the elements and related costs. The proposal includes such items as graphic sizes needed, booth structure, all rental components, show services, terms and conditions, and detailed pricing.

If you are creating the graphic images yourself, we will send a graphic design guideline document that describes the type of files you will need to submit to us so we can produce your exhibit graphics, along with a timeframe of when each component must be completed to be ready for the show. We also can provide graphic design services if you prefer.

Building and staging your trade show exhibit.

Actually building and staging your exhibit in our preview area is the next step.  Our extensive in-house fabrication services allow us to bring the idea, concept and design to life by combining top quality structural elements and eye-catching graphics to create a trade show display that will stand out even in a sea of others.

We will bring to you, your exhibit, LIVE from our staging area via Skype or Facetime.  You will be able to inspect your display before it is even on the show floor via a virtual LIVE walk-through so you are confident in your success before your trade show begins.

And our work doesn’t end there. We also custom design and build packaging for your display to ensure that it arrives at the trade show intact and ready for assembly.

And after the Las Vegas trade show, we can refurbish and store your trade show display for you in preparation for its next use.

Our trade show experts are here to help you have the best trade show possible.

Nothing is worse than surprises on the show floor the day of the live show build.  We have prevented that by pre-staging your custom rental exhibit.  Everything is there, and we know it.  RES has coordinated your exhibit, your flooring, your audio/visual, your lighting, your furniture and our expert union labor.  In case you require some last minute tweaks, we have our floor manager at your service.

Our trade show expertise goes far beyond creating award-winning displays. We can use our extensive knowledge of the trade show industry to help you have the best possible trade show experience.

We can help make your exhibit arrangements, supply needed audio/video equipment, assist with staffing your exhibit, provide marketing and promotional support, and even help you gauge the success of your trade show display through measurable ROI.

Our trade show experts are here to help you have the best trade show possible, with the goal of attracting and engaging more visitors, making a lasting impression, and building your business.